Successfully marketing online is the key to gaining access to the more than $1 trillion spent on eCommerce, as reported by eMarketer, every year. 50% of marketers cite SEO as being “very effective” for their web marketing. Subsequently, as the 2013 U.S. Digital Marketing Spending Survey shows, American businesses spent 10% of their revenue on web marketing in 2012. In 2013, spending will grow an additional 6%.

The biggest player in web marketing is Google. Google’s “PageRank” algorithm, named after co-founder Larry Page, defined the way content gets noticed on the web. Subsequently, a great deal of web marketing efforts go toward keeping in line with Google’s policies. Content creation, which 92% of marketers say is “somewhat” or “very effective” in their search engine optimization strategy, is incredibly important in avoiding Google’s ire and attracting consumer attention; InboundWriter statistics show that 61% of consumers are more likely to patronize a business wh

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