The field of ecotoxicology is science which studies the impact of nature’s effects on humans. It is the science of nature as well as its negative interactions. You’ll be working in a chemical lab to see how different elements affect the natural environment around us. This could include studying animal feeding as well as formulation testing in order to determine what is affecting, for example, plant metabolism. These types of sciences can be a great choice for students who have a passion to learn about the world of living. When you think of the dangers of forest fires or toxic waste being let out in the ocean, ecology is the research that helps to address these issues and provide solutions that make our environment better. Additionally, it includes the management of waste practices in order to comprehend how best to dispose of the waste that may be harmful to the environment. As you consider your futureand when you graduate from university, envision your future plan. There is a different plan for every person, the only thing that is different is that, in a field like this it is possible to make a the difference, not just in one persons life, but also for the entire world. 75wyf71xyd.