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What Is SEO All About?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t quite what everyone thinks it is. Yes, it’s an Internet marketing tactic meant to increase a site’s online visibility by increasing its search engine rankings, but it’s so much more than that nowadays. SEO is about creating the best website possible to give users the best quality experience possible. It’s about pleasing the end users, and pleasing the search engine–not “cheating” its algorithms. To please the search engine, your SEO has to clue them in to what your website is all about. After all, the engines want to deliver their users the best, most relevant content and websites they can find. Relevancy is determined

Interesting Facts About SEO Marketing

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Did you know that there are some really interesting facts about Google that many people probably do not know? For instance, when Google was just a mere research project, the founders used LEGO bricks to create a storage compartment for the 10 four gigabyte hard drives that were being used to test the PageRank algorithm. Not only is it interesting to know that they used LEGOs, but the fact that they used a total of only 40 gigabytes is kind of amazing. Forty gigabytes today is a mere drop in the bucket when it comes to available space on most modern computers. SEO marketing has also come a long way from those early days. In the early days of se