Month: September 2013

  • What Should Your SEO Content Look Like? Three Tips

    Did you know that, when consumers are exposed to both social media and search results pertaining to a specific brand, the click through rate goes up by 94%? What does this mean for marketing your website? Basically, that multiple forms of online marketing do not exist separately, but rather, when used together, have a more […]

  • Search Engine Optimization Marketing Strategies Allowing Businesses to Achieve Higher Rankings on Search Engine Sites Such as Google

    It is no secret in the business world that in order to succeed in the market today, you need to stand out among the rest. Businesses are especially abundant now thanks to advances in technology such as the Internet that allow for increased ease in establishing. But though it may be somewhat easy to start […]

  • The Top Certified SEO Servcies

    In the United States, professional certification is the surest way to differentiate professionals from amateurs. Often times, meeting the necessary requirements to earn professional certification from a legitimate, respected professional organization is even more valuable than a university degree. While you cannot debate the fact that college degrees are valuable, and can unlock doors for […]

  • Are You Frustrated with Your Ineffective SEO Efforts?

    Are you frustrated because your in-house search engine optimization strategy is not working? Website SEO is extremely important and only becoming more so. According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of web experiences now begin with the use of a search engine. If your website SEO is poor, you will be left in the dust of […]