What Should Your SEO Content Look Like? Three Tips

Did you know that, when consumers are exposed to both social media and search results pertaining to a specific brand, the click through rate goes up by 94%? What does this mean for marketing your website? Basically, that multiple forms of online marketing do not exist separately, but rather, when used together, have a more powerful overall impact on your visibility. Most people looking to promote their website in search rankings are familiar with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Are you trying to form a search engine optimization strategy? Here are three tips to help you make it big.

1. Content Based SEO is Best

SEO encompasses a lot of things. It can refer to blog posts, social media updates, and third party assistance with off site post creation. The bottom line, though, is that strong content helps boost your search engine rankings the most, especially after the Google algorithm updates Panda and Penguin. In fact, 92% percent of marketers rate SEO content creation as effective. Google can now recognize when a post is poorly written, or contains information that will probably be useless to searchers and only exists to catch keywords. Great content will get more people sharing, and a higher rank for you.

2. SEO Content Writing That Makes an Impact

So what sort of content should you be posting, exactly? Think like a consumer, and consider what keeps people reading. Engaging titles, the inclusion of images or videos, and bullet point lists are all things that readers respond well to. Did you know that having a blog on your company website will increase the number of pages you have for search indexing by 432%? Keep a blog and share tips about your industry and business, and don’t be afraid to give away insider tips. Changes are, your reader will never really want to be a real estate lawyer, but they’ll appreciate being assured that you know what you’re doing inside and out.

3. Invest in Private Label SEO as Part of Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

If you’d rather outsource your website SEO to someone else, you’re going to have a lot of companies to choose from. There are several benefits here that should be considered. To begin with, professional SEO businesses have search engine optimisation software that helps them compile quality content, link building, and analytics for you more quickly than you could ever accomplish on your own. They can also assist you with social media marketing. Did you know that more than 800 million Facebook statuses are made everyday? Social media not only grabs your audiences at the websites they frequent most, but also helps your original website rank higher in search results.

What’s your search engine optimization strategy?

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