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Learning to Understand the trade Large Format Printing

Large format printing may also be called wide format or grand format printing. This is the process of printing graphic images, that can be too big to be created through a printer only.

There’s no formal standard for defining the term “large format” printing. Yet any graphic that is at least 24 inches wide is considered to be a big format.

Large format printing was first established around 1950. The industry advanced to make the process efficient and also to adapt to new trends in the field of marketing and visual communications.

Importantity of Large Format Printing

The importance of this printing because it could elevate visual communication to a different level. This printing amplifies messages with a degree that is beyond imagination.

The significance of large-format printing is not just for marketing purposes.

The Invention of This Technology

There’s an array of technologies that converge to create large-format printing. The printing process also improved and developed new materials. xh67mahrr2.

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