Can You Separate Myth from Fact? Three Tips for Explaining the Reality of SEO

Did you know that buying hundreds of links will guarantee a great ranking in Google search results? If this surprises you, that might be because it isn’t true. Unfortunately, rumors and myths are very persistent in both high school lunchrooms and SEO discussions alike.

If you are trying to facilitate an SEO sale, it can be even more frustrating to try and communicate with potential buyers who think SEO is something entirely different than what it is. Luckily, the facts can be on your side, and you can map out an effective search engine optimization strategy for clients by using them. Here are three important facts you should know.

1. Links Help: Fact or Myth?

The reality is somewhere in between, because links do help, but not just any old link. Like throwing a bull’s eye, you need to be concentrating, not shooting in the dark for it to work. Buying up a ton of links for an incredibly low price means you’re paying for links to appear on random sites with usually unrelated content. Google uses hundreds of elements to determine rankings, and volume- or sheer number of links- is only one of them. What matters more is quality and relevancy. If your links are less numerous, but appear alongside content that is industry relevant and interesting to users, your site will fare a lot better.

2. SEO is Cheaper to do by Myself: Fact or Myth?

SEO sale cost can be a substantial investment for businesses, and they want to know they’re getting their money’s worth. For this reason, you need to outline why professional SEO works, and what they can expect in terms of ROI. Businesses turn to outsource SEO because they lack the time, tools, and in house talent to accomplish great SEO. For this reason, explain the amount of time and dedication that goes into understanding the latest SEO tricks and twists; show the tools used to analyze website data that helps SEO become even more responsive; and show consumers that your SEO team works on nothing but SEO from a U.S. location.

3. I Can Use PPC Instead of SEO: Fact or Myth?

Did you know that about 80% of search engine users say that they usually click on organic search results, while usually or always ignoring paid ads? Although PPC certainly targets a viable and important market segment, it hardly has the all encompassing reach that SEO has. Not only that, but SEO and PPC actually work best when used together; users are more likely to click on those links, instead of links to other businesses, owing to the repetitive brand effect. When a user sees a brand name more than once in reference to a query, they assume the brand is especially relevant.

Are you trying to make a website SEO sale and have facts to share?

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