How an Air Conditioner Works – Best Self-Service Movers

vestment. Contractors who work with air conditioners are able to ensure that their homes are cool and comfortable through the entire throughout the year. This video provides the basic understanding of how a central air conditioning system works to offer great satisfaction.

Air conditioners vary according to the model they are, however, the basic elements are same for each machine. As an example, every central air conditioning unit has one condensing device that can be found just outside the home. Condenser coils and compressor are both part of the system. The motor for the condenser is known as the condenser.

The inside is home to evaporator coils, which are located on top of an air handler , or furnace. The air handler, or furnace employs a blower motor to draw air from the return vent, over the evaporator coils and cooling the air before moving through air ducts and back into the home. After that, the air is drawn back through the return vents to continue the cycle.

If the temperature of the air has dropped when the thermostat is set, it tells the condenser unit to turn off. As the temperature increases and the thermostat is notified, it tells that the condenser unit to turn on in order to reduce the temperature. Watch the video above to see more.


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