How Embedded Computer Systems Support Industrial Automation and Control Strategies – Computer Arts Magazine

Storage areas are monitored by storage areas with temperature and humidity sensors. These equipment can keep track of the storage areas from a central location allowing employees to stay away from the area for long periods without risking valuable assets.

Asset tracking can help with management of inventory and allows businesses to keep an edge with regards to product quality, high profitability, and a larger market share.

HVAC Control

For businesses that require HVAC (heating as well as air conditioning) including medical labs, hospitals, or commercial buildings embedded computers are used to manage various HVAC elements including the air compressor. Central computers monitor these systems. This system tracks temperature, humidity and pressure. Businesses are able to react quickly to changes in the environment through this data.

The embedded computer can track the various processes that lead to electricity production. The information can be used for industrial or commercial purposes. There are numerous options including solar-powered industrial plants, biomass and wind power and hydraulic elevators. Computers embedded on embedded systems also have the ability to collect information about water use and purity, which can help increase energy efficiency.

Energy Management

An energy management system an electronic system that’s primary job is to manage the delivery of electrical power across a variety of modes. By using a wireless connection, the battery-powered devices can communicate with computers embedded in. The sensor data is used by the computer to determine the state of operation of various components by using automated methods.

Computer systems embedded in computers are utilized to monitor heavy machines. These systems can track exactly where machinery is situated and also be programmed to warn when equipment is not being used. This is a good way to ensure that heavy machinery does not get utilized.


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