How to Fix a Golf Cart – Daves Auto Glass Repair

frequent visitor to your local golf course, then you’ve probably experienced many carts for golf. Goft is a excellent choice for speedy journeys and easy rides from one hole to the next hole on the course. It is likely that you have done your own maintenance if you own a golf car. Most golf carts are simple to maintain as far as maintenance is concerned. However, you should understand the basics if would like to invest in the purchase of a golf cart. In this instructional video, we examine some of the basic aspects of golf cart maintenance.

When compared to the way you open the hood on your car is a gold car exactly the same way. Now you can open the seat’s bottom instead of the hood. Here you’ll discover the starter, ignition plugs, the engine and every other important maintenance item. Although you must make sure that your vehicle is tuned periodically, one of most crucial things to replace is the air filter. The tightening of the brakes as well as changing the clutch settings are common things you should do.


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