How to Know If Laser Weight Loss Is Right for You – FATA Online

The video shows fat that is titled “How to Decide if Laser Weight Loss Is Right for you.” It was previously the only way to remove the fat of those who had difficulties losing weight. Two brand new lasers are now available that are not surgical and cause only minor discomfort. The two treatments, as said Dr. Matthew Avram stated, are very comparable. The one is able to cool the fat inside your body while the other warms it up and aims to eliminate it.

Cool sculpting suctions the fat by heating it and cooling it. When it cools down and the fat cells die, they are removed. The procedure is normally completed as an outpatient treatment and is not a source of discomfort. The second procedure, SculpSure was recently was approved by the FDA. Lasers heat fat cells, creating cool sensations. The laser will heat up the cells that are causing the fat to die. According to Dr. Bruce Katz, after one treatment lasting 25 minutes you’re able to return to your work and daily things. This type of weight loss treatment might take 3 or more months to see improvements. This treatment should not be used in place of regular exercise or a nutritious diet.

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