How to Market an Auto Repair Business – Ceve Marketing

Make sure your customers are aware about the services that you offer. You can promote local hail damage repair services if you can offer it during the hailstorms that are frequent. The customers will also get to know about your towing options, so they know what to do if their vehicle is damaged.
Your competition should be based on services, not prices.

It’s important to compete But you’re not looking to cut corners. It’s not uncommon to see someone who is trying to compete by offering a better price. If your repair shop is already providing great service with competitive costs, it’s not wise that you try to lower the price of your competitors by cutting costs as well. Your repair shop is likely to lose cash and the customers won’t be happy with the vehicles they receive.

Instead of competing over price, be competitive on service. Understand what your target market likes and offers them better than any other auto repair business will be able to provide. This can be anything from providing a loaner vehicle when repairs take longer than planned and allowing access to one of your mechanics on the move who could be on site after hours when required (for instance, when a car is broken down while they are on their route home from work).

Make use of coupons and gift certificates

If you’re seeking to increase the number of customers who come to your doors, you’re in the right location. It is difficult to get new clients as an auto repair shop owner. But you are able to utilize voucher codes or gift cards to attract more customers.

Coupons are a great way to start. It is possible to start with coupons. Coupons that aren’t useful enough or relevant enough to the customer (i.e. they don’t think they’d use) will not bring much benefit for you business. Coupons should serve to promote your business.


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