Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends You Dont Want to Miss – Shopping Networks

ng updating your kitchen? It is worth considering making changes to the colors you use for the cabinets in your kitchen. The kitchen will get an entire new look. Check out this video on the top eight color trends for painted cabinets.

It may seem daunting redesigning your kitchen however, it’s possible. Just changing the color of your cabinets can really add a lovely appearance and makes it appear as if it’s brand fresh. We’ll be discussing the top fashions in colors today.

Morning fog is the very first color to be considered. Morning fog is a combination of gray and brown. It looks best when paired with dark slate or soapstone accents. The design is also great when paired with other wood colors. Pacific slate is a great choice. The color is a combination of green and blue hues that makes it a fantastic choice for kitchens with lighter or mid-tone woods. It is becoming popular these the moment to mix wood with painted cabinets, so don’t hesitate to explore.

These are just a handful of colours you can choose to use for the cabinets in your kitchen. Watch the complete video below to find out more about what you can do to improve your kitchen’s appearance.


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