Legal Careers to Pursue With a General Law Degree – Law Terminology

An attorney in business law

Business law attorneys help businesses to establish legal frameworks that govern their companies and gives advice on the best way to conduct business within these rules. The majority of attorneys are experts in certain areas, such as business contracts as well as intellectual property and contract negotiation, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, taxes, securities in addition to environmental law. Some attorneys practice full-time in the office of a criminal lawyer. However, some choose to work as sole practitioners who represent only one client. Besides providing legal services, attorneys may offer advice about business operations and strategy.

A Legal Assistant

A person who assists lawyers and professionals in their day-to-day work is known as an attorney assistant. Many people are only thinking of becoming a lawyer after obtaining a general law degree while others opt to earn a degree in legal studies. Students interested in the law field may be able to find an employment as a legal assistant at first. In addition to answering phone calls as well as filing paperwork and making copies, legal assistants support clients to prepare legal documents as well as write briefs. A lot of legal assistants work for law firms handling paperwork and research related to specific legal cases. Others have jobs with judge’s offices, government agencies, or companies.

Court Reporter

Court reporters take notes of the proceedings during hearings or trials, then translate their notes into written forms. The court reporter may serve as a stenographer or typist, depending on the type of court. Numerous law schools have courses in training, such as general law degrees designed to prepare students for careers for court reporters. The ability to comprehend legal terms is vital because judges and lawyers frequently use legal terms, precedents, or both.

Process Server

A general law degree is necessary to be a legal server. Process servers work for the government or courts and assist with legal papers such as summons, subpoenas and subpoenas. involved


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