Need a New Career? Venture Into SEO Work

Did you know that Search Engine Optimization is the fastest growing and evolving form of internet marketing available today? In fact, it has proven to be one of the quickest forms of marketing to date. SEO is all about getting a website to rank as high as possible on a search engine results page, be easier to find, and therefore see more traffic, resulting in more business for the site.

There are tons of SEO sales jobs out there right now. Growing SEO firms cannot get enough people in to meet their needs. As they grow so quickly, they need to bring in more people to work on content, more people to manage clients, and more of those SEO sales jobs as well. But, if you would like the freedom of working for yourself, while still getting in on the SEO boom, you need not look for SEO sales jobs, you only need to make your own.

This, of course, refers to SEO reseller programs. SEO resale makes you the middleman. You are the go between for companies in need of SEO, and companies offering SEO. But why does the SEO resale position even exist? Why is it needed if a company in need can just go to an SEO company to do the work? Or if an SEO company can just seek out those new businesses?

A company may not even be aware that it could use SEO to help its business. It may have never heard of it, or it may think that SEO would not be useful to employ for their business. Your job would be to go to them, introduce the concept of SEO, and prove to them just how beneficial it could be. Once you have them convinced, you bring them to the SEO company that you are reselling to, and you have bridged the gap.

An SEO company may have plenty of writers and account managers, but could stand to take on a few more clients. Yet, they may not have the sales staff to go out and get those clients. With you working as an independent contractor, you pay them to take care of the SEO that you bring in. They take you and your work, and turn it around, so that you can return to your clients with the results so that you can get paid.

It is a triple win situation. Everyone gets something out of the exchange. The SEO company gets new work and clientele that they may have never gotten. The business hiring your services gets SEO work done for their company that they may not have known that they could have used. And you get a paycheck by crafting healthy and satisfying work relationships. If this sounds like a challenging and rewarding career path, consider it, because it can be both lucrative and fulfilling.

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