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Around the world around the world, you can find pular. It is likely to find a sushi place in any city. The fact is that sushi is a tasty dish, but how was it created? In this piece this article, we’ll look at the origin of sushi.

We learn from Sam O’Nella Academy, that sushi was invented in Japan at around 900. This first form of sushi was quite different from the one we enjoy nowadays. The sushi of the time included salted and fermented fish rice. The intention behind the rice was not to be eaten in the first place, however it was used as a way to store the fish.

In the 1800s, seaweed began to gain popularity. That’s how we witnessed the growth of sushi.

There was a large number of Japanese American immigrants in the latter part of 1900. Even though Japanese brought sushi to America, Japanese carried their own sushi with them to America, the sushi was much most popular among upper-class Americans.

After world war 2, sushi didn’t really take off in America. Following the end of the war, the aspect of Japanese culture would be embraced and many sushi establishments appearing across the nation throughout the 1980s.


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