Reselling SEO Content 5 Steps To Getting Into The Business

Seo resellers

So: you’ve decided to start an SEO reseller program. It’s no wonder why, with SEO being the top up and coming advertising method for most web-based companies. If you own or are a part of an online marketing firm or web design company, you’ll no doubt deal with clients who want search engine optimization content. However, few online marketing companies have the manpower to create SEO content, which is why partnering with a seller is so important. Below are 5 steps to SEO reselling.

1. Know Your Partners

With 70% of the leads users click on being organic, SEO is now considered by many the preferable way of advertising. That being said, don’t partner with the first SEO providers you happen to run into. Be sure that this company has a good reputation, and can provide the amount of material that your clients need, and when they need it. Do your research and know that the company doing your SEO outsourcing is responsible and has a good reputation.

2. Know Your Margins

In some ways, the most important part of the 5 steps to SEO reselling is knowing your margins. You have to offer your clients the best possible rates. But at the same time, you need to make your SEO reseller profits! Certainly, the best way to do that is by knowing your margins and being careful when crunching the numbers. Don’t partner with an SEO provider that overvalues their services.

3. Focus On Keywords

Keywords are a remarkably important part of SEO content. A total of 75% of users don’t scroll past the first page of results, and that first page of results is going to be based off keywords. When ordering SEO content, you want it to be as customized for your client as possible, so that they’ll buy more from you. It’s estimated that 61% of users research products online; the keywords used in your SEO content should be designed to play to these searches.

4. Do Your Research

Before getting into the business of SEO reselling, you need to learn how to be an SEO reseller. This isn’t simply done through searching for a few tips. You can in fact get trained by an SEO reseller, and in fact you should. Don’t leave anything to chance.

5. Know Your Platform

What kind of SEO content will work best for each of your clients. Blog posts? Lists? Journalistic articles? As an SEO reseller, you should know and understand the platforms you’re working with. That way, you’ll have the best possible outcome for both you and your client.

By following these 5 steps to SEO reselling, you’re on your way to becoming a good SEO reseller. Building up a good reputation is a huge part of becoming an SEO reseller, and that more than anything else will make you successful in the business. So get a mentor – if you haven’t already – and prepare to jump into the exciting world of SEO reselling!

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