The Difference Between Server Latency and Bandwidth –

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Latency will cause a poor user experience on your website. It will result in pages to become slower and your system becomes sluggish. This affects business productivity and your employee’s capacity to work! There is a difference between bandwidth and latency, though you may think that they’re the same. Bandwidth refers to the amount of capacity available on diverse servers. And latency is the consequence of that.

It will be more difficult to get latency for the many websites hosted on one server. This is due to vastly differing content is kept on the drives. Private servers are frequently preferred. With a private server, you will have control over the information stored. It is also more secured for your personal information.

This video gives more details on bandwidth and latency. This video offers a thorough description of the web hosting process , and what it is all about. Call a business which uses cloud-based servers to inquire about whether you could benefit by their solutions.


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