Understanding Cross Docking – Economic Development Jobs

Cross docking is among the most efficient and commonly employed shipping methods when it comes to shipping products that are time-sensitive, such as pharmaceuticals, seafood, food items as well as chemicals. What is cross docking and why is it being used frequently?

Cross docking happens through a highly organized process beginning with unloading unwanted products from a truck. Those goods are sorted on the spot and placed on the trailer or transported to a cross docking center. Cross docking facilities are specialized warehouses made for organizing the large volumes of shipments and then sorting them within the least amount time.

The majority of large trucks discharge their goods there, and staff at the center sorts the items according to area and quantity needed onto numerous trailers. To ensure safety, fragile products are stored in specific ways and the goods that are sorted assessed for any damages. The trailers then go to business owners and to customers to deliver their products.

Cross docking eliminates the middleman or storage facility. Cross docking helps save time as well as costs since it takes out a part of the supply chain.


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