Volunteering in 2022 – Family Reading

evacuate their homes. Charity workers are overwhelmed with tasks, especially when the disease is spreading to marginalized and vulnerable people. While we may not be physically able to give our time however, there are plenty of ways that you can assist people and enjoy your time while in quarantine. The video below outlines 10 methods to volunteer from the comfort in your home.

An important need for charities is often translation material. If you can speak several languages, then simply translating or teaching the language at in your home can be a fantastic way to assist those who do not have the knowledge of English. Applications and basic volunteering are common in tax-deductible charities. As an example, you could participate in a crisis text phone number, or assist the needs of people who are in crisis following an online course. Furthermore, you can help the elderly or blind people with their daily tasks just by talking to them! Many options are out there for volunteering at home. So be sure to investigate your local organization and see how could you do to assist those hit hardest by the virus.


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