What to Do About an Anxiety Disorder Characterized by Sudden Unexplained Feelings of Terror

people with panic disorder experience less anxious and depressed.
8. Beware of Caffeine and Alcohol

Another way of reducing anxiety disorders is to stay away from drinking alcohol or caffeine. Both alcohol and coffee can worsen anxiety symptoms and start panic attacks. Let’s study of how alcohol and coffee might affect anxiety.


Caffeine, a stimulant increases blood pressure as well as heart rate. This can cause anxiety symptoms such as the sensation of racing thoughts or heartbeats. Certain people might experience anxiety attacks. Caffeine has varied effects on individuals. For those with anxiety disorders, they may be more susceptible than other people to caffeine’s effects. Caffeine-rich drugs and energy drinks are just a few of the examples.


Alcohol can initially soothe the body since it’s depressant. But, it can trigger panic attacks after the initial effects wear off, intensifying the symptoms of anxiety disorders. In addition, alcohol may cause anxiety by making it more difficult to fall asleep, making the situation even more serious. So, it’s important to remember that although drinking alcohol can temporarily ease anxiety but it may also add to the symptoms as time passes. This is why reducing consumption gradually or getting treatment through a counselor or doctor in order to devise coping methods for cravings and withdrawal symptoms is useful.

9. Make sure you are accountable for your pet

Pets can provide a wonderful stress relief for individuals suffering from anxiety and panic disorders that is characterized by sudden, unprovoked sensations of fear. According to the National Institute of Health, having a pet around can lower anxiety levels and enhance mood. Pets’ company can provide a significant aid to manage symptoms of panic disorder.

In addition to the benefits of companionship being a pet owner means regular visits to the vet medical center, which will aid in a fit and healthy living.


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