What You Should Expect from a Great SEO Reseller Program

Did you know that 80% of search engine users say they never click on ads, preferring organic results instead? Given that billions of searches are completed every week, it is no surprise that companies are concerned with ranking high in search engine results. This is where SEO comes in. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, uses a variety of content and tactics to help websites score higher for their relevant keywords. It is also known as private label SEO since the name of the SEO company is usually absent from content.

Why Companies and People Become SEO Resellers

Many web and marketing oriented businesses would love to offer SEO to their clients in order to remain competitive. However, SEO is a field that requires substantial investment in order to perform well. Most small marketing businesses are unable to invest in building up a great SEO department. For this reason, they outsource SEO from qualified companies. Because they are reselling the SEO from a larger company to their own clients, they are known as SEO resellers.

SEO Reseller Programs

Individuals as well as businesses can be SEO resellers, and the key to being able to successfully resell SEO is choosing a partnership with a great, communicative SEO company. Reseller programs usually charge a monthly rate for services, and the resellers are allowed to choose how much to charge their clients for services. A poorly set up program will offer the reseller little education, feedback or support, making them inadequately prepared to talk with their customers or respond themselves to client feedback.

What to Expect from a Great Reseller Program

There are several ways you can identify the best reseller programs available. To start with, they will offer professional tools for monitoring results. Without a way to see day to day progress, clients will wonder what exactly they are paying for. Look for an SEO company that offers a dashboard that details how well their campaign for your client is progressing. SEO companies that offer transparency in their dealings are also ideal. Is there a public help forum for resellers you can check out? Et cetera.

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