Which Type of Insulation Is Best for Your Home? – Vacuum Storage


it is not uncommon to see homeowners caught in a debate on what is the best insulation material , roxul or fiberglass. To help homeowners understand the distinctive characteristics of these two types of insulation, three tests will be conducted in this instructional video.

Both materials are first examined by cutting them with an extendable knife. The two materials will be identical when cut with a blade. Both are able to be cut into specific shapes or sizes. There is no real distinction in the quality that exists between fiberglass and roxul in terms of cutting speed.

However, fiberglass insulation is much more resistant to water than roxul insulation once it’s evaluated. Whereas roxul insulation stays firm after it has soaked up water, and dries after a few days, pink fiberglass becomes weak and falls apart. homeowners who are looking for an insulation solution for rooms in their house that are often subject to rain or water.

Both were tested for fire resistance using the presence of a source of flame within a 10-second distance. Both were resistant to fire. Although roxul has a contemporary design than fiberglass, there is little about it in terms of practicality. The best thing to do is be aware of where the roxul is to be put in your house.

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