Why You Need to Prioritize Online Marketing

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Did you know that the first Google Doodle dates all the way back to the ridiculously leftist Burning Man Festival in 1998? True to form, it seems that Google’s founders felt the need to let minions know that they were taking time out from “the office” in order to partake of the hedonistic experimental, quasi-hippiesque art gathering in the lush Nevada desert.

Even though Larry and Sergey’s ambitions were, undoubtedly, lofty, it is unlikely that either of these highly intelligent and driven young men could have imagined where they would be inside of five years — let alone in 2014. Fast forward 16 years, and Google almost literally sits on top of the world.

Despite its comparably humble, if not amusing, origins, Google, as we all know, thoroughly dominates just about every facet of internet search. Since an estimated 70% of all global web users depends on Google every day of their lives, it is safe to say that the search engine behemoth controls more than two thirds of the world’s cyber lives. When it comes to business, Google is exponentially important, because every business outside of “mom-and-pop” corner grocery stores are affected by Google rankings.

Although “internet rankings” are the all inclusive generic term, it is safe to say that referring to online rankings as “Google rankings” has already become the equivalent of “Kleenex” to facial tissues or “Clorox” to laundry bleach. Thus, in the world of search engine optimization, the goal of improving businesses search engine rankings is really about the company that will soon become know simply as “The Big G.”

In this day and age up to 80% of all web users will never click on non-organic advertisements. This is because the average internet user is getting smarter, and knows how to identify spammish looking messages — even when it is not spam at all. The bottom line is it takes experts to fool web users into clicking on your pay-per-click ads.

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