You Might Be Wrong About the Constitution –

Most likely, you already know the United States Constitution. Yet, there are studies that have shown that Americans often typically don’t know the distinction between the United States constitution and those from other countries. The majority of Americans mistakenly confuse Soviet Constitution with the American one. In this video an attorney will demonstrate to some common myths about about Constitutional rights in the United States constitution.

Many people believe that English is the official language of the United States. English remains the largest spoken language across America. Yet, the lawyers will tell them that they don’t possess an official language. In the past, many attempt to create an official language. It has failed every time. Since the inception of our nation’s existence, it has been the United States has been a melting pot for different cultural and languages. The colonists spoke French, German and Dutch in the beginning. America has always been an affluent country with a wide range of languages. The majority of Americans use Spanish and French to this day. There’s no indication that the language that is used in Canada will be changing anytime soon.


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